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2021 – Hiring is booming…but where are all the candidates?

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So I can only speak on behalf of the industry we operate in and the journey we have personally had, and the headline of this blog is a little tongue in cheek….but.

I would honestly say this is the busiest we have been since 2019. The Tech StartUp world is thriving, there is confidence in hiring and the roles are still at a competitive level in terms of salary and responsbilities.

But where are all the candidates? This is where the confidence is still maybe lacking, after the year we have all endured, you can’t help but think, ok I have a job and a good one, why move and why risk it. It definitely makes sense and no one is blaming anyone if they are thinking like that. However, we all know that to climb the ladder in both salary and overall responsibility, a move in your career is the best way to do this.

That original pool of candidates that unfortunately lost their job last due to the pandemic, looks like they have secured themselves some exciting roles, but one day we will need to get back to to a situation where passive candidates are still interested in speaking with our clients. A few ideas we are playing with here;

  1. Does a candidate need a Cv in order to initiate a conversation with a client? OR should LinkedIn be enough to get the initial chat going?
  2. Does investment into candidate resourcing need to be increased?
    1. A resourcer?
    2. LinkedIn Recruitment Licence?
    3. Paid access to the best databases in the market

One thing for sure, Business Development is often the hardest part of recruitment and there seems to be plenty of jobs to go around. If you have issues picking up the jobs, then it’s a tough place to start. If you can pick up the jobs but are struggling from that point onwards, there are steps to fix it.

And yes, this is a cry for candidates to jump on our website and apply!

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